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Mountain Lakes with clear Water

Pure Nature in the green glacier Valley

magical Experiences are awaiting you on the mountains - there you go

Schlegeisspeichersee from the Olpererhütte

3000s where the Eye reaches

crystal clear Mountain Lakes at the Foot of glaciated Peaks

lasting Impressions of many Hikes

Nature Park Zillertal

The High Mountain Nature Park Zillertal Alps is located in the rear Zillertal and protects in an area of 379 km² an impressive natural and cultural landscape.

From Mayrhofen, the gateway to the Nature Reserve, divides the posterior Zillertal as the fingers of one hand into the various side valleys. It extends the park at an altitude of 1,000 m in Ginzling up to 3509 m at Hochfeiler amount on all levels of the central Alps.

Mighty glaciers have shaped the nature reserve area and make the charm of the alpine landscape. Deep gorges make up the entrance to the ten side valleys, the Zillertal "Gründe", which are grazing areas for centuries used by humans and are characterized as a cultural landscape. The mountain landscape is extreme and often hostile conditions. So the people crossed millennia before the peaks in the region and overcome the boundaries between the present-day North and South Tyrol.

Today facilitate a dense network of trails and many alpine huts and private accommodations to access the protected area.